Checklist Before buying a Ceiling Fan 2023

Checklist Before buying a Ceiling Fan
May 03, 2023
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A ceiling fan is often promised to give cool breeze, but what if we say there is a lot more in a ceiling fan that needs to be explored, which can make your house not only breezy but make it look elegant also. 

With the changing time, our home appliances are upgraded and changed for good so are the ceiling fans; that's why today,there are many more things to be kept in mind before buying a ceiling fan.

To solve your problem, we have come up with a solution in the form of a checklist before buying the perfect ceiling fan for your space which can give you ample breeze as well as comply with all your modernized needs

Checklist Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

We have explored the fan market a little deeper to have the right elements in the checklist to make your fan shopping easier and more successful.

Let's break down the elements of our checklist

1. Energy Consumption

No matter how big or small the appliance is, the amount of energy consumption is an important parameter to consider before buying it. Energy consumption rate can directly affect your pocket in the long term through electricity bills. 

There are fans available in the market with various ranges in power consumption from 24 watts to 80 watts. BLDC ceiling fans are the best options for energy-efficient fans.

2. Speed & Air Delivery

Its speed and air delivery define a ceiling fan. If your fan has the right RPM in speed and maximum air delivery capacity (in CMM), it can serve its true purpose by circulating the breeze to every corner of your room.

Many options are available in the market, with the highest speed of even 400 RPM and air delivery up to 280-300 CMM. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal 

If chosen properly, the fan can also add an aesthetic touch to your house ceilings. Today there are many colours and designs available for ceiling fans which can complement your house accordingly.

Even if you are a fan of lightning, then there is no need to confuse the chandelier options and the right space to hang it, as now fans with chandeliers are available to make your house look gorgeous.

4. Control Option

In the era of remote-controlled gadgets and appliances, fans with wall regulators can be boring and outdated. However, now you can also opt for remote-controlled fans and control your fan speed at your fingertips.

There are several brands that are offering ceiling fans with remotes as well as wall regulators according to the consumer's needs.

5. Noise Range

You might feel annoyed at least once by the noise of your fan while spinning. The noise can be screeching, creaking, humming or clicking, disturbing you during sleep, meditation etc.

But now no need to get annoyed as now you can check the noise range of a fan before buying it. Even there are several brands that claim to have silent operating ceiling fans. 

6. Warranty

The tenure of after-services covered by a brand is a must-check before buying a ceiling fan. The warranty claims can save you the after-maintenance cost, and even if the product is defective by any means, some brands replace the product itself. 

It's important to buy a ceiling fan which can cover the warranty claims of at least 2-3 years. Many brands like Orient even give 5 years warranty on some of their ceiling fans.

7. Value for Money 

It is very important to see whether the money spent on your ceiling fan is worth every parameter. Suppose a ceiling fan has low energy efficiency with high speed and air delivery, excellent services, a good warranty period, and additional features.

In that case, every penny spent on your purchase is also worth it, as it's a value-for-money deal.

Lets See Some Example of Ceiling Fan Brands Along with their Features

Brand name   Electricity consumption Speed and Air delivery Aesthetic Appeal Control option Noise range Warranty Price range

55 watts

390 RPM& 233 CMM 3 color options Wall regulator Bit noisy 2 years 1899/-
Orient Electric I-Tome 28 watts 370 RPM & 220 CMM

4 color options and underlight

Remote controlled noiseless 2 years 3633/-
Crompton Hill Briz

70 watts

370 RPM & 205 CMM 3 color options Wall regulator noisy 2 years 1399/-
Atomberg Renesa 28 watts 360RPM & 235 CMM 3 colour options with underlight Remote control noiseless 3 years 3680/-
Bajaj  26 watts 350RPM & 215 CMM 3 colour options Remote contro noiseless

2 years+5 years on motor

Usha Racer 70 watts 400 RPM & 215CMM 6 colour options Wall regulato noisy 2 years 1749/-
Polycab Eteri 32 watts 350 RPM & 225CMM 4 colour options Remote controlled noiseless 2 years 2199/-


We have a large section of fans in the market, but we hope this checklist on buying the fan your home needs has helped you shortlist the best option.The above mentioned parameters will give you an insight on choosing the fan according to your requirement, hence making your shopping easier and informed. 

Table on Contents