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Top 3 Energy Efficient Fans in India 2023

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Energy Efficient Fans in India

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Are you ready to beat the summer heat with the most energy-efficient fans? We have searched several ceiling fans and compared their energy consumption to curate these best 3 ceiling Fans.

While a fan generally remains ignored until there is a repair to make or cleaning to be done, you cannot ignore the fact that it is one of the most used appliances at home.

If you are worried about rising electricity bills, let us tell you that your fan could be responsible for draining electricity. The recent inventions in ceiling fans are BLDC fans, and they are BEE 5- 5-rated because of their remarkable energy-saving capacity.

Almost all these fans are doing reasonably great in their various respects, but we only chose the top 3 most energy-efficient fans in India so that you can pick the best for yourself without being mixed up with many other options.

Our 3 Best Picks of Energy Efficient Fans in India

1. Atomberg Renesa

Atomberg Renesa



7 appealing colours to choose from

May get clicking Noise at maximum speed

Runs 3 times longer on inverters compared to ordinary fans

Customer care service may sometimes be a hassle

High Air delivery capacity (235 CMM)


​Comes with a smart remote


Atomberg’s Renesa is one of the most popular choices in recent years. It only consumes 28 watts at the maximum speed. It boasts an impressive airflow with 5 speed-changing options and comes in compact, modernized looks.

The optimal sweep size of 1200 mm blades makes it a perfect fit for Indian residential flats. It is one of the few BLDC fans with an inbuilt LED light concept, making it look different and superior to others.

The tinge of sophistication makes it just right for living and office rooms. The price range may seem slightly higher, but that’s justifiable when you consider the fan’s overloaded features.

2. Crompton Energion HS

Crompton Energion HS



Very high speed

Slightly noisy

Noiseless even at maximum speed


5 years warranty


Remote with intelligent memory function- remembers the last speed


Crompton’s Energion gives typical household fans some modernized and advanced energy efficiency and performance improvements. Though looks-wise, it is bare minimum, the aerodynamically designed blades and powerful BLDC motor makes it one of the best purchase for you and your wallet. It only takes 28 watts, saving up to 1500 Rs. on your electricity bill.

The thoroughly devised aluminum blades are dust-proof and save the fan from corrosion. Comparatively, this variant is the least noise-maker and has never been pointed out for wobbling or any other mechanical damage.

Talking about additional features, the remote comes with a sleep mode and can also be paired with multiple fans. What caught our attention here is the extendable 5 years warranty they offer.

As BLDC is a newer technology, not all electricians may be of help. You may need post-sale assistance from the company. In that case, it has the added bonus of quick and hassle-free customer care service.

It offers a variable speed range without any bit of noise, making this stand out as the best choice for study rooms and bedrooms.

3. Havells Efficiencia

Havells Efficiencia



Least energy consuming fan

Slightly expensive compared to others

Elegant designer motor and blades




Easy installation


Havells Efficiencia comes with various thoughtful and convenient features, but the most eye-catchy one is its energy efficiency! Yes, it only takes 26 watts, which is the least compared to any other fans of its type. If you are in for more thoughtful details, then let us tell you that it has won National Energy Conservation Award, 2021, in India.

Its ability to generate constant airflow and speed even at varying voltage supplies unravels its appreciable sturdiness and overall performance. The speed is optimum, and you may feel uniform air delivery in the room. The designs of the motor and ribbed blades make it a wonderful choice for the dining room and living room, where you would want to impress your guests with your home ambiance.

However, you may miss the sleep mode on the remote as it lacks this feature as compared to the other variants of its type.

How we chose 3 best energy efficient fans in india

We took many available options in ceiling fans and compared then on the basis of their energy efficiency. We only took into consideration for those with BEE 5 star rating and filtered our search to pick the top 3 fans among all. All the chosen fans are significantly efficient. However, apart from their energy consumption, we considered some other parameters to compare the product and to give an in-depth review about them.

Here is how we did it:

1. Energy efficiency

If we are talking about energy efficient fans then BLDC fans are the first choice as they are best known for them. They are 5 star rated from BEE and saves upto 50-60% of electricity consumption which can save you 1500-1600 rupees annually on your electricity bill.

BLDC fans generally consume up to 28 watts of electricity. Atomberg, being one of the leading BLDC fan makers, came up with their bestseller model Renesa that consumes only 28 watts. Crompton Energion and Havells Efficiencia, which are the most popular BLDC fans in India, only consume 28 watts and 26 watts respectively, which makes them the top picks among energy efficiency fans.

2. Performance

By a fan’s overall performance, we mean the speed of a fan in RPM, air delivery in CMM and stability of the fan at fluctuating voltages. When all these features of the fans were taken into account, we found out that Crompton Energieon stands at top with a speed of 370 RPM.

However, when parameters like stability and airflow are considered, all the 3 fans are show the same level of performance.

3. Design

When we focused on the design of the fans, we compared these models with one another in terms of color options available, design of blades and motor and the aesthetic appeal.

We concluded that Atomberg Renessa is outranking all in terms of their unique designs and availability of various color options and patterns. This model is aesthetically charming and can compliment the house ceilings as well.

4. Warranty

On comparison on the basis of product protection, we found that Crompton Energion offers 5 years long warranty to their customers while Energion and Renesa are providing 2 years standard and flexible extended warranty period on their products.

5. Value for money

Considering and comparing all these factors we also rated the fans on the basis of their additional features like remot control features, customer services and product reviews from pervious customers.

We found that all the three fans provide exceptional value for your money in terms of energy efficiency, low maintenance and feature-ful functionalities.


In a tropical country like India, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that a fan is our basic need. We have done thorough research on numerous of them and finalised the best ones in terms of energy consumption, overall performance, and, not to forget- the price to keep you cool this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best energy-efficient fans?

BLDC fans are the most, and some of the best examples of fan brands which consume less electricity than ordinary fans include - Atomberg, which only consumes as low as 28 watts.

Then there is Crompton which also consumes 28 watts of electricity, but the lowest amongst these is Havells Effeciencia which works only on 26 watts which is as low as your curling iron

Q2. What is the BEE rating?

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency ratings. It indicates the consumption of electricity by your appliance in a year. It has a total 5-star rating system. If your appliance has a 5-star rating, that means that your appliance is highly energy efficient and keeps your electricity bill light.

Q3. What are the additional features of a BLDC fan?

The additional features of a BLDC fan are what makes them extraordinary from ordinary fans. Besides giving wind, BLDC fans are energy efficient and save on electricity bills due to less electricity consumption.

The other feature is that they are noiseless fans and produce minimal or no sound during spinning. These fans come with a remote, which gives control of a fan at a click from our comfort zone. Moreover, these fans are sustainable and come in various colors and designs, making them aesthetically pleasing.

Q4. What is a BLDC fan, and how is it different from an ordinary fan?

BLDC fans are made up of brushless direct current technology, which mainly works on DC sources. It is different from an ordinary fan in many ways, like an ordinary fan consumes up to 55 watts, whereas a BLDC fan consumes only 26-28 watts of energy.

BLDC fans also come in various color and design options, making them more appealing than ordinary fans. These fans are noiseless and carbonless, whereas normal fans make a humming noise during spinning and produce a carbon footprint.

Q5. Why are BLDC fans the best choice for energy efficiency?

BLDC fans are the best energy-efficient choice because of their low power consumption. They have 60% less electricity consumption than normal fans. Due to this, they save electricity bills up to INR 1500-1600 per year. These fans truly justify the line BLDC fans:- it doesn't cost but saves.


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