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Advantages & Disadvantages of BLDC Fans 2024

Updated: Jan 5

Advantages and Disadvantages of BLDC Fans

Are you thinking of reforming your current ceiling fan but still confused about whether it's needed? Are these smart fans worth switching over for traditional fans? Before arriving at any conclusion, knowledge about the advantages or disadvantages of BLDC fans will help you make the right choice.   

Our conventional fans are spinning to give wind which justifies their purpose best. However, with the modern generation, everything is upgrading to its smarter versions to add more comfort to our lives.

BLDC fans in India got upgraded and became a smarter version of ceiling fans that offer more advantages apart from just delivering the air. But like every other thing, BLDC fans also have their pros and cons. So, here we will discuss BLDC fans advantages and disadvantages.

Table of Content

Advantages of BLDC Fans

Economical energy consumption

BLDC fans consume low energy without halting the air delivery. It takes 65% less electricity as compared to ordinary fans. If we talk in terms of electricity bills it can save you up to 1600-1700 rupees per year which is its utmost advantage.

Spins quietly

BLDC fan's advantage of silent functioning makes it really distinctive. Accurately balanced blades and their motor ensure quiet spins with maximum air delivery. 

It is the correct choice for those who are a little more concerned about the peaceful environment while performing a task that requires concentration such as during meditation, sleeping office work, etc.

Control with a remote

BLDC fan manufacturers worked for their customers' comfort also as they are offering a remote-controlled fan that means control o your fingertips. A fan with a remote is a great option for all age groups.

You can have the benefit of turning off/on or adjusting the speed of a fan with minimal or no movement with one one-click button feature in a remote.

Smooth functioning even at low voltage

If your residence area has a voltage fluctuation problem, then BLDC fans get you covered, as their fans work fine in low voltages without any risk of blowing your fan.

Aesthetic designs

Bldc fans have made ordinary fans not only smart but premium also. Their fans give you the advantage of many color options and designs that complement your home ceilings.

Along with color and design, there are also more than 3 bladed fans available with under light, LED lights, etc.

Inverter friendly 

During major power cuts, one thing that worries us is the discharging battery, especially when we run the fans on the inverter. But by switching to BLDC fans, you can run 4 fans using the same amount of energy as one normal fan uses to operate, which makes it one of its prominent advantages. 

Sturdy and wobble-free

Normal ceiling fans often wobble, but BLDC fans are steady and strongly built. The strong built quality reduces the chances of wobbling. 

Low maintenance

Unlike normal fans, the BLDC fan has no heating functioning, which prevents the fan from any wear and tear and makes it live long. If there is no heating, the fan will not break down and will not need any maintenance.

Disadvantages of BLDC Fans

Bit expensive

BLDC fans are expensive compared to normal fans, but BLDC fans pay for themselves as they save on your electricity bill. Its cost justifies its premium quality looks and features. So, this disadvantage can be overcome if you consider it a long-term investment.

The extra cost of batteries

The BLDC remote-controlled fans whose remote works on AAA batteries add cost. But you can have a one-time investment by buying chargeable AAA batteries.

Technician scarcity

BLDC installation and its wiring system are also a little complex that every technician can't handle. There is a scarcity of BLDC technology-trained technicians, so installing or repairing these fans may be challenging. 

Fewer Options in the Market

Due to its more online approach, it has a disadvantage in that all options can't be found on the local market like normal fans. If you want a fan beforehand, you have to wait for your online order to be delivered due to the fewer and limited options available in our nearby shops.

A Quick Recap of the Advantages and Disadvantages of BLDC Fans



Consume Less Energy


Suitable functioning at low voltage

Complex Installation

Noiseless function

Extra cost of batteries

Inverter friendly

Low availability in local markets

Aesthetic looks


Remote control feature


Low maintenance



A ceiling fan is a very basic yet important appliance in a home. So finding the right fan can be a task. However, when we are familiar with these appliances and their functionalities, it will guide us to purchase the best.

So here we have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of BLDC fans to help you make an informed decision in case you are searching for a smart fan for yourself.

To save electricity and to get more features in your fan, we suggest you switch to energy-efficient fans. Crompton Energion HS, Atomberg Renesa, and Havells Efficiencia are some options worth buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are BLDC fans energy efficient?

Yes, BLDC fans are energy efficient as they consume significantly less energy than regular fans and cut your electricity bill.

Q2. Do BLDC fans overheat while spinning at full speed?

No, BLDC fans have the advantage of no heat technology while functioning at high or low speed.

Q3. Do BLDC fans generate sparks on inverters?

No, these fans are made of high-quality capacitors, preventing them from any spark.

Q4. How is a BLDC fan better than a normal fan?

BLDC fans first consume 65% less energy than normal ceiling fans. It also has other features like noiseless operation, remote control feature, inverter friendly, etc.

Q5. What is a major disadvantage of BLDC Fan?

The major disadvantage for BLDC fans is that it is expensive compared to normal fans. However, it is a long-term investment that covers the cost of the fan in a few years by saving on your electricity bill.

Q6. What are the most important advantages of BLDC fans?

The advantages of BLDC fans are that they are energy efficient, noiseless, come with a remote-controlled feature, and have multiple designs and color options. Moreover, it is green and sustainable due to its carbonless technique which adds the cherry on top.


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