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Best Bladeless Ceiling Fans in India 2024

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

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Bladeless Ceiling fans are the new innovation in the ceiling fans market and are indeed worth discussing. With hidden blades and air-amplifying technology, these fans have not only served the purpose right but also have become an aesthetic element with their unique and attractive design. 

There are several leading brands of bladeless fans in the Indian market and some of them are doing significantly well. If you are buying one of these modern fans for your place, then we recommend you to go through the reviews on the best bladeless ceiling fans in India as we have picked the best ones for you.

Top 3 Bladeless Fans in India

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Bladeless Fan

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier



Aesthetically Pleasing

Slightly Noisy

Safe for children


Easy to clean


Extremely unique innovation


Dyson is the inventor of the bladeless fans and that's why it's worth discussing whenever bladeless fans are being talked about. This innovation in fans not only made the fans unique but also made them aesthetically charming.

Even after being a high-priced tower fan, Dyson bladeless fan is creating a buzz in the market. The most unique of this feature is that it has an air purifier attached to it which makes it more special.

Apart from this feature, there are many more specifications for these fans.

  • Prevents Asthma allergy

  • Night mode- quiet functioning

  • Oscillates to give air at every corner of the house

  • Remote control and AI feature

If you are someone who goes for quality no matter what then Dyson is the best choice for your home. This fan can be a noticeable piece of decor for your home as well as provide your loved ones with a breath of fresh air.

2. Conbola Desk Fan 11.8 Inch Bladeless Fan

Conbola Desk Fan




Short battery Backup

Light weight


Less Energy Consumption


​Noiseless Functioning


Canabola fans are one of the most selling bladeless fans in India which come under budget as compared to the Dyson fans. However, this fan is basically a table fan suitable for small spaces like your office desk, cabin, etc. 

This fan also has many special features that make it a unique bladeless ceiling fan.

  • Battery operated.

  • Rechargeable (portable) fan.

  • LED lights

  • Touch control

  • 5 color options

Work from home or work out at home, this compact size bladeless fan can sort out your summer sweat problems as it is portable and a perfect fit for air delivery in every corner. 

3. Bajaj Tempesta 80W Bladeless Fan

Bajaj Tempesta 80W Bladeless Fan



Reasonable Price

Less sturdy

Elegant and sleek design


Less electricity consumption


Bajaj is one of the most trustworthy and reputed brands in India and is worth discussing under the top 3 bladeless ceiling fan categories. The Bajaj Tempesta fan is suitable for small and closed places. Like Dyson fans, this one also comes with air filters but comparatively at a low price.

Other than this, this fan has some other eye-catching features:

  • High speed- 4 levels

  • Remote control

  • 24-hour preset timer

  • Double-side air filters

  • Touch panel along with remote to control the fan

If you need a bladeless fan that can also function like an air filter and yet come within your budget, then you may definitely consider this fan. Bearing a trustworthy brand value, Bajaj Tempesta can be the pick for your home.

How We Screened Out Top Bladeless Fan In India

Searching for bladeless fans in India can be a tough choice due to its uncommon yet popular demand. This is the reason we felt it's important to review Bladeless fans. 

We have found models that not only have good looks but flawless functioning also. To determine which models are best for you we have assessed the 5 criteria i.e. energy efficiency, speed, air delivery, and additional features.

Energy Efficiency: 

Energy consumption is the most essential and important factor while assessing any electrical appliance. However many of us do not pay much attention to it initially which raises our electricity bills in the long term.

So to avoid this we have assessed this parameter primarily and found that the Cannabola bladeless fan stands out on the list by consuming only 10 watts. 


Speed is often related to the size of blades in fans but if we talk about bladeless fans that can be a little tough to do here. However, here we can assess this parameter by the speed of the blower and oscillation of the fan.

When we reviewed all the 3 fans hand in hand we found that the Bajaj bladeless fan gives the maximum speed to the fan.

Air delivery: 

Air delivery in fans is one of the crucial factors that makes your fan truly worth it. If we talk about bladeless fans the air delivery depends on the oscillation of that fan. 

After side-to-side review and basis upon the claims of each fan brand, we concluded that Dyson bladeless fan topped the list as it oscillates up to 90 degrees.

Value for money:

While investing money in anything we expect it to justify every single penny. Keeping in mind that every fan should be worth its cost we have taken all the fans side to side and compared them overall to their price. 

Additional features like LED lights, remote control, touch control, and AI have also been taken into account while assessing this parameter. On assessing the product as a whole we found that Dyson bladeless fans top the list.


Spinning of fans has come a long way in recent years. Manufacturers are churning out unique ways for today’s innovative world. We hope that this review of 3 bladeless fans in India helped you to choose the right model of bladeless fan  for your budget and innovative needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How bladeless Ceiling fans works?

Bladeless fans have blades hidden in its base. It works on the technology of air multiplying that can generate airflow within the room. The compressor of the fan draws the air and directs the flow towards its ring. Then, it pushes the air through its slits.

Q2. What is the other name of bladeless fans?

The other name for the bladeless fans is air multipliers. As bladeless fans work in the air multiplying technology gives the breeze.

Q3. Which is the first bladeless fan?

The first bladeless fan was invented by James Dyson in 2009. However, the concept was first given by a Japanese company called Toshiba in 1981. Later, James Dyson improved upon the designs and presented the bladeless fan.

Q4. What are the advantages of bladeless fans?

There are many advantages to bladeless fans.

  • Safe for children

  • Easy to clean

  • Energy efficient

  • Aesthetically charming

  • Innovative

Q5. What are the best bladeless ceiling fans in India?

There are many brands nowadays that introduced bladeless fans in the market but Dyson, canabola, and bajaj are the few best brands in bladeless fans in our opinion.


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