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Best BLDC Fans in India with Buyers Guide 2024

Updated: Apr 17

Best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India

If you are looking for the best BLDC fans in India then you are on the right page. The ceiling fan has always lacked its upgradation despite being one of the most critical and running appliances in every household.

Most of the basic house appliances are now transformed into smart devices with various features. To consider this BLDC fan manufacturers took a step ahead and introduced the BLDC ceiling fans.

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What are BLDC Fans?

BLDC Ceiling fan works on the BLDC motor which refers to brushless direct current and mainly works on the DC source of current. This technology helps in energy efficiency as they provide the same output as of input because they do not generate heat and no energy is wasted or released in heat hence it works efficiently by consuming less energy.

Benefits of Replacing the Normal Fans with the BLDC Fans

  • The BLDC fans in India are the most energy-efficient ceiling fans. They only consume 24-35 watts of energy whereas the normal fan runs with 75-80 watts of electricity consumption.

  • These fans come with various colors and design options which gives us the liberty to choose from the diverse options but in normal fans, there are not more than 2-3 color options.

  • The BLDC fans also come with remote control options whereas the normal fans come with wall regulators which are not accessible for all age groups, especially to small children and old age people whose movement is restricted.

  • These fans are also the most silent functioning ceiling fan which does not add any additional noise to your environment while breezing you. However, normal fans often produce various noises due to different reasons like humming, creaking, squeaking, etc.

  • The BLDC fans are cost-efficient fans as they work on brushless motors which prevents it any kind of friction and the risk of wear and tear. These fans also do not have the chance of blowing out due to voltage fluctuation issues.

  • These fans are durable and have a longer life span due to their sturdy build quality. So it directly minimizes the cost of maintenance.

  • These fans are environment-friendly fans as BLDC fans do not produce any carbon emissions while functioning or spinning which makes them a greener and more sustainable appliance.

Top 5 BLDC Ceiling Fans in India 

Necessity is the mother of innovation” We all have once heard this phrase somewhere. Just like this phrase the modern needs and the high demand for smart gadgets and appliances lead the traditional ceiling fan innovation to a Smart BLDC Ceiling fan.

Let's have a look at the top-selling BLDC ceiling fans in India. 

1. Crompton Energion HS BLDC Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion HS

In India, if you know about ceiling fans, then you know about Crompton, isn’t it? Crompton Ceiling fans have always been on the top of the list of Best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India. If you are looking for brand, budget, and performance, overall an all-in-one fan, then Crompton Energion HS fan is the all-rounder. 

This remote-controlled, 5-star rated HS 1200 mm BLDC fan is beating all of its competitors at a speed of 370 RPM. It offers a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Plus, it comes in a sleek design, making it aesthetically fit for living rooms and bedrooms.

The remote lets you adjust the fan speed, switch off lights, or even set timers anywhere in the room—which means you can sit and relax in your bed and binge-watch your favorite show without ever having to get up to the fan regulator.

This feature that makes it the topper of the list of best BLDC fans is that it can operate smoothly at a wide range of voltage (from 90 V- 300 V). No other variants in this segment have claimed this feature.



Great air delivery

Slightly noisy

You do not have to point the remote control to fan


Comparatively less expensive


​Decent design


5 years warranty


2. Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fan

Havells Efficiencia Neo

We don’t want to switch off the fan even for a moment during the summer. But with the rise in electricity bills, you might have compromised quite a few times. If you are seeking a fan with brand value and energy efficiency, Havell’s Efficiencia series is for you. It is known to be one of the least power-consuming fans in the market.

This fan only takes 26 watts but still gives a speed of 350 RPM, which makes it one of the best in the market. Needless to say, Havells has already done great in electric and home appliances, adding another point to why this could be a trustworthy purchase. 

The company provides 2 years of warranty and holds a good name in post-sale services. While talking about designs, this specific Havells Efficiencia Neo comes with an inbuilt LED light in its center, giving it a stylish look.

While the company recommends it for bedrooms, the model is even better for your living and dining room. 

And, if you are inclined towards this model, let us tell you that Havells Efficiencia BLDC ceiling fan has also won the “National Energy Conservation Award 2021”.



Highly Energy efficient

Slightly expensive compared to others

Classy design


​Dust Resistant

3. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa

Whether for their comprehensive marketing strategy, or the initiative they took in taking BLDC to a new level in Indian ceiling fan industries, Atomberg has secured their name in the list of Best BLDC fans in India.

Performance-wise, Atomberg Renesa is a superior fan (with a speed of 340 RPM and 220 CMM air deliveries), and looks-wise, it is the top scorer.

The multiple color choices, including one variant with wooden finish blades and an LED-fitted motor, make this fan stand out among others.

This product brought a change in the ceiling fan segment with its compact design and energy efficiency. The remote lets you change speed, switch on and off, boost fan speed, and control the LED lights. This fan could be a perfect fit for living and office rooms.

However, compared to other reputed brands, Atomberg’s customer care service is not up to the mark (as per many customer reviews). Customers have also complained about the fan’s humming noise. 



Unique design

May get clicking Noise at maximum speed

Variety of colour and design options

Customer care service may sometimes be a hassle

Light weight


4. Orient Electric I-Tome BLDC Fan

Orient Electric I-Tome

If you're looking for a reliable BLDC fan under your budget, it's hard to beat Orient’s I-Tome. The motor consumes only 26 W at its highest speed, making it a powerful energy saver for your home.

What sets this fan apart from the crowd is its speed, which is 370 RPM, and stability at fluctuating voltages (from 140 to 270). 

Talking about appearance, this fan comes in 6 attractive colors and has an LED light-fitted motor which makes it a great-looking appliance for your dining room, working place, and even kids' room.

Its remote offers a Boost mode, which is one of its prominent features.



High speed motor

Sometimes a little Noisy

Variety of colours

Functionality of remote is comparatively inefficient

A great energy saver


Easy to install


5. Superfan SUPER A1 BLDC Fan

Superfan SUPER A1

Though a bit expensive and not very popular in the retailing platforms, Superfan deserves a shout-out from us for bringing the concept of BLDC technology for the first time in India. Their vision was to make energy conservation possible through these super-efficient, eco-friendly BLDC fans. 

Now, about the fan’s overall performance- Super A1 series fans are undoubtedly unique in looks. Their blades are entirely different than others, making them an excellent addition to your living room or bedroom.

They offer a wide range of attractive colors, such as pink, purple, and blue. (Although these colors may be quite a misfit for an appliance like a fan, they are certainly eye-catching). 

The remote control comes with many functions, one of which struck us is the Breeze mode. Through this, the fan speed is changed periodically to give your room an ambient atmosphere. 

This fan is reasonably good as an energy saver but is quite pricy compared to others. Unfortunately, they don’t have many service centers available for quick and efficient services. 



​Variety of attractive colours

May hear noise at maximum speed

Unique blade design

A bit on the Expensive side

​Runs longer on the inverter

After-sale service is sometimes unsatisfactory

Eco-friendly packaging


Buying Guide You Should Consider Before Buying Your BLDC Fan in India

  • BEE star rating- Always check for the star rating whether it's 3 star or 5 star. If 5 star rated then it will be the most energy-efficient fan.

  • Energy consumption- the rate of energy consumption in watts is also an important parameter to consider before buying the BLDC fans.

  • Noise range- most of the BLDC fans claim to be noiseless but in actuality, they are not completely silent fans. So, the noise range in decibels must be checked before buying.

  • Blade size- The sweep size should also be considered to have great speed and maximum air delivery.

  • After sales service- If the after-services from consumer care are not fast then it might cause stress while dealing with any query related to your fan.

Installation and Maintenance Guide For Your BLDC Ceiling Fan

  • Firstly assemble your BLDC ceiling fan as per the instruction book given by the manufacturers of your ceiling fan.

  • Now, turn off the power button.

  • Attach the mounting bracket. Make sure the electric box and the mounting bracket are securely tightened by the given screws.

  • Now install the downrod straight and perfectly leveled up. 

  • Wire the fan, and make sure the wiring of the fans is correctly connected to the electrical box.

  • Attach the fan to it’s downrod. It is essential to attach the downrod securely.

  • Install the blades with the help of screws. The fan blades should be equally spaced and leveled.

  • Test the fan for running properly. 

  • Pair the remote with your if applicable. 

  • Enjoy your breeze.

How We Selected the Best BLDC Fan in India

Comparing these products side-by-side on the basis of their performance can give you a more precise evaluation and help you to finalize your decision. As mentioned above, we have considered 5 parameters and given an analytical review for each of the BLDC fans. 

Energy Efficiency

As we are talking about the BLDC fans, the first thing that comes to mind is “energy efficiency” and how much energy any of these fans can save. All the BLDC ceiling fans are 5-star rated by BEE and claim to save more than 50% of electricity.

There are still some fine lines among the energy consumption rates within the different brands. If the claimed amounts are taken and plotted on a graph, it will look like the following: 

Havells Efficiencia and Orient Electric I-Tome are the least energy consumers and secured their position in the category of most energy-efficient fans. However, if you consider other factors, such as customer care service and the product's design, we suggest you go for Havells Efficiencia.


Since speed and air delivery are the primary uses of all these products, we conducted thorough research on these fans based on their performance. By performance, we are speaking about the fan's speed in RPM, air delivery in CMM, and its stability at fluctuating voltages.

When speed is considered, Crompton and Orient are at the same place. But Atomberg Renesa performs well for air delivery. However, if you consider stability, Crompton’s Energion beats all other competitors as it can work at a broader range of voltage, i.e., from 90 to 300V.  

Crompton’s Energion BLDC ceiling fan has led the way in this comparison. They have a considerable amount of customer reviews, and most of the positive reviews are about their unbeatable speed. Plus, according to many customers, this fan doesn’t give you a hard time with noise even when it runs at the maximum speed.

Whereas some other fans are not very quiet at the same speed. That’s why; this one is our first ranker in the list of best BLDC fans in India.


A fan can change the look and feel of a room. Some fans are so attractive that they can catch your attention at first sight, while some are so sluggish that you may not want them to spin over your head. Indian residential flats are extensively upgraded and modernized these days.

People look for minimalistic approaches to make their homes look aesthetic. So, according to us, a fan shouldn’t be glamorous or over-decorated but should be modern-looking and make your home look smarter and elegant.

We found Atomberg’s Renesa to be the most modernized and good-looking BLDC fan in India. The small and lightweight motor, LED lights, and sleek blades; altogether make the fan worth a spin. Even if you ignore the looks for a while, the better blade shapes deliver better air, making it a superior choice again.

Value For Money

Apart from overall score and price, a few other factors like- customer care services, warranty, and installation are taken into account to compare these fans for the Value for money parameter.

If you want to cut down the cost of cooling while maintaining a satisfactory level of quality, Crompton’s Energion and Atomberg’s Renesa are excellent options. Both of these fans hit the sweet spot of quality and price, making it easy for users to enjoy some serious savings.


Searching for the BLDC fans out of the hundreds of options can be a tough job for anyone. So to ease these out we have strained the offline and online stores and selected the best-selling BLDC Ceiling fans in India. 

We hope our market analysis from brand to brand to assess durability, performance, aesthetic appeal and value for money will surely help you to have the best shopping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are BLDC fans worth buying in India?

Yes. If you are considering buying a BLDC fan, it is definitely worth looking into. BLDC fans offer many benefits that make them a great option for residential homes and offices.

They are incredibly efficient, consuming up to 70% less power than traditional fans, and are durable which makes them an excellent choice if you are looking to cut down on your energy costs. 

Q2. What is the disadvantage of a BLDC fan?

BLDC fans have fewer disadvantages than regular fans, making them a better and more efficient option for fans. The only potential drawbacks are they are a bit more expensive than normal fans and are not as widely available as regular fans. 

Q3. Which fan is best, a BLDC fan or a Normal fan?

With a notable energy efficiency, greater durability, high power, and sturdy motor, a BLDC fan is clearly a better option than normal fans.

Q4. How do I choose the best BLDC fan in India?

There are a number of BLDC fan makers in the market such as Crompton, Havels, Orient, Atomberg, etc, offering many features and functionalities that include a smart remote, LED light, energy-efficient motor, designs, and powerful performance.

You may take these parameters into consideration, compare the reviews, or just simply go through the article written above to find the best BLDC fan.

Q5. How long do BLDC fans last?

BLDC fans last longer than normal fans. The brushless motors in BLDC fans enable them to run without any wear and tear, and there is less or no chance of mechanical damage due to sparks. In fact, BLDC fans have strong and sturdy motors that can work smoothly on voltage fluctuation too. Therefore BLDC fans run hassle-free for years. 


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