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Best Noiseless Fans in India 2024

Updated: Feb 14

Best Noiseless Fans in India
Best Noiseless Fans in India

If you have been dealing with disturbed sleep due to the squeaking and creaking sound of a fan and thinking of replacing it? Then, replacing traditional fans with BLDC fans can solve your trouble of awakening at midnight.

However, hunting for the best option in this packed market can be complex and challenging. Yet the good news is we are here to help you choose the best. We have carefully studied the market and chosen the best noiseless fans in India.

Let's take a journey through this article and find out the features of fans. 

Table of Content

Top Noiseless Ceiling Fans in India

1. Crompton Silent Pro Enso

Crompton Silent Pro Enso

Crompton is one of the best-known brands in electrical goods and needs no introduction. This model of Crompton SilentPro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan is intuitive and precisely manufactured for noiseless spinning.

However, apart from the silent feature we also appreciate its durable design, colour options, electricity efficiency, and bonus remote control features. These all features make this whole fan a great deal.



BEE 5-star rated

Slightly Expensive

Great speed


5 years warranty


Smart remote features


​Value for money


2. Havells Stealth Air

Havells Stealth Air

Havells is one of the favourite brands of customers. This brand fan model i.e. Havells Stealth Air is streamlined to provide exactly what you need, with an excellent noiseless feature operational fan.

However, a few complaints are that its overall speed is a little slow. Still, we are impressed with this model due to its only 40 watts energy consumption along with wide voltage functioning.

This model also comes with a remote, and 3 colour options the premium feature is this fan comes with an under light which makes it aesthetically charming.



Remote control all direction control

Low speed

Under lights


3 colour options


Energy efficient


3. Orient Electric Aeroquiet

Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless Fan

The Orient fan model Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless fan is one of the quietest fans with a noise range of only 14 Db. It is undoubtedly the best-designed fan with a metallic finish. 

However, this fan also has some additional factors which make this fan more efficient like high speed, colour options, and consumption of low energy(consumes 64 watts).

All the pros make this fan an exceptional deal but one flaw here can’t go unnoticed that is this fan has no remote feature included. 



Exceptionally low noise range

No remote control feature

Colour option


Energy efficient


How We Choose Our Best Picks for Noiseless Fans in India

For this review, we have assessed the whole market and selected the best 3 out of a hundred options. Our varied selection of best is not only limited to the parameter of noise range but also includes factors like energy efficiency, warranty period and value for money.

Let's See the key Features of Parameters in More Detail

1. Noise range

We have assessed the noise range of all the fans based on their claimed decibel value. However, all the 3 fan models discussed here have very slight differences amongst them.

While the difference is very low we found that the Orient Aeroquiet is one of the quietest fans. 

2. Energy efficiency

Electricity consumption is a worthy component to keep in mind while looking for any electrical appliances. Therefore we also kept this factor included while choosing our best options. 

All the models discussed here consumed low electricity but Havells Stealth Air ranked first by only consuming 40 watts of electricity. 

3. Value for money

The fan models discussed here span a varied range of prices. Modern fans come with integrated features like remote control fans, colour options, aesthetic designs etc.

However, it will be appropriate to say that money and technology go hand in hand so as smart as the features as high the money. Here discussed every model justifies its every penny in terms of its performance or smart features.

If we talk about overall running then Havells Stealth Air tops the category.


There is a lot to consider while searching for noiseless fans in India but finding the right one can really add extra peace to your home or workplace. There are a lot of options in the market but we hope this review can help you select the right model that meets your needs and budget. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are noiseless fans really needed?

Yes, silent operating fans are needed for several reasons:

  • Peaceful sleeping

  • Better concentration

  • Undisturbed meditation

  • Peaceful environment 

Q2. What are some best noiseless fans in the market?

There are no. of fans that claim to be noiseless or silent but here are the best 3 out of them.

  • Crompton SilentPro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan 

  • Havells Stealth Air " The most silent BLDC fan 

  • Orient Electric Aeroquiet Noiseless Premium Ceiling Fan 

Q3. What can be possible reasons that a fan makes noise?

There can be a no. of reasons associated with your noisy fan.

  • Overheating- causes a humming sound.

  • Low-built quality- squeaking sound.

  • Voltage fluctuation- ticking sound

Q4. Does high speed cause the noise in the fan?

Not all the time this can be the case but yes if your fan has a low-built quality and weak capacitor then yes this can be the reason for producing noise in a fan.

Q5. Do noiseless ceiling fans compromise on performance?

No, noiseless ceiling fans do not compromise on performance because they are designed to provide both silent operation and effective airflow with maximum speed. The advanced motor in BLDC fans help to offer remarkable performance with quiet spinning.


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