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Best Remote Control Fans in India 2024

Updated: Jan 3

Best Remote Control Fans in India

Are you tired of going up to the fan wall regulator every time you want to change the speed? Decided to finally replace the regulators with a remote instead but still battling between the various options to find the best choice? Then we have made that task much easier by researching the best remote control fans in India for your home.

From discovering the special unique features to pointing out their flaws, we have dived deep to give a review for the remote control ceiling fan. Let's see the systemic trait of each product.

Table of Content

Top 3 Remote Control Fans in India

1. Crompton Energion Cromair

Crompton Energion Cromair



Multiple remote features

Sometimes you have to point at fan only to make it work

Single remote function




Sleep mode


Crompton has been one of the trustworthy brand names in the fans market for ages. Now it’s Crompton Energion has made the fan smarter by introducing remote control fans which have remote features such as:

The remote control can operate being pointed anywhere, with no need to point a fan. 

  • A single remote can work for multiple fans in an area

  • Sleep timer mode for easy control.

  • Intelligent memory function for remembering the last speed

  • User-friendly and suitable for all age groups

Other than the remote, this fan also has some additional features like:

  • It is an energy-efficient fan

  • It works on a wide-voltage

  • Has a noiseless function

  • Available in 3 color options

It is available at the price of INR 3499/- and has a 5-year long warranty. This simple yet elegant-looking fan can be a perfect choice for your living room. 

2. Atomberg Renesa 1200mm

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm



Sleep mode with 2-hour regulation

Bit expensive

Boost mode


Timer option


LED light control button


Feature for a remote free operation


Atomberg’s fans are best known for their smart innovation and this brand has become one of the ruling manufacturers in India. Atomberg Renesa has made their fan much smarter and worked the extra mile to give more features to the remote control such as

The remote is operated up to 20 feet.

  • Boost mode for air delivery

  • Sleep mode with the feature of decreasing the speed every 2 hours.

  • A button for LED light control that comes with a fan.

  • It has a timer option which makes it easy to set a time for turning off/ on the fan

  • A unique feature of toggle-free means you can also opt for remote-free operation

Other than the fantastic remote feature it has some additional features also like

  • Energy efficiency

  • Noiseless function,

  • Working on voltage fluctuation

  • Last but not least availability of more than 6 color options with LED lights

This fan is available at the price of INR 3569/- with a 3-year warranty period. This is the perfect choice for an aesthetic and smart fan.

3. Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm

Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm



​Speed Controller

Less features of remote

On/off function

Timer control


Winner of National Energy Conservation Award 2021

Havells has been a long-known and well-established fan brand. Havells Efficiencia which is also known for its ‘’National Energy Conservation Award 2021’’ has also made the fan a smarter choice by adding remote control to the fan. Their remote has the following features:

  • Speed Control

  • On/off function

  • Timer control

  • Suitable for all age groups to use

Besides its handy remote, this model stands out for its affordability and energy saving. Some of its highlighting features are:

  • Energy efficient (consumes only 26 watts less than the above-mentioned fan)

  • No humming sound on the inverter functioning

  • 3 color options available

  • Low voltage functioning

This fan is available at INR 3110/- with 2 year warranty period. This fan is for you if you are looking for an affordable fan in this category.

How We Screened Out the Best Remote Control Fans in India?

We have evaluated these fans on the basis of acceptable standards such as remote features, user-friendly approach, value for money, and additional factors. All the fans discussed and rated here consist of a remote controller but have differences in their features. 

Apart from the automated remote control operation, we have also ranked these fans according to their specific parameters as follows.

Remote features

Remote feature is an important parameter to take into account when evaluating the overall performance of Remote control fans. All the fans compared here come with a remote with different features and functionalities, such as:

  • Speed control

  • Led light control

  • Boost mode

  • Sleep mode

  • Timer

  • Intelligent memory

  • Toggle-free functioning

However, Atomberg’s Renesa secured the top rank by offering a smarter approach of wifi enabled functionality. 

User friendly 

An innovation for users can only be implied among all when it's easy and accessible to all. So bearing the ease of use in mind, we have assessed the remote controls. Whether the remote control is suitable for all age groups, whether the functioning is complicated, and even the touch and feel of the remote controller are taken into consideration while rating them.

All 3 fans discussed over here offer user-friendly remotes but Havells Efficiencia tops the list by having fewer features and less complicated functions. 

Value for money

Comparing all these factors, we also have graded on the basis of value for money when additional factors like energy efficiency, noiseless functioning, color options, aesthetic appeal, low voltage functioning, etc. are considered. 


We observed that all the 3 fans discussed here are value for each penny whether in terms of remote control operation, energy efficiency, or other additional features. 

All the 3 smart fans discussed here are based on BLDC motors, making them highly energy efficient. While discussing Value for money, we highly prioritized the energy efficiency parameter. 

If you plot a comparative analysis of energy consumption among these three products, the graph will look somewhat like the following, making a clear representation of how all the 3 picks are almost equally energy efficient and truly value-for-money picks.


It is our responsibility to fill you up with the best knowledge possible so that you can choose the perfect option under your budget. While reviewing the best remote control fans in India, We have taken every little aspect in mind to differentiate them from one another and to find the topper amongst the best options.

We hope after reading this article you can choose what is best for you to buy for your house. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the remote work on normal batteries?

The remote works on AAA batteries and can work for up to 4-5 months. These batteries are easily available in the local market.

If you want a rechargeable batteries option then you can go for a one-time investment and can recharge the batteries with the help of the cable and reuse it.

Q2. Can we control multiple fans using a single remote?

Yes, you can control multiple fans in a single hallway by using one remote. This feature helps us to make the fan operation and accessibility easy. However, you have to make the settings of multiple fans under one controller which will be assisted by their respective fan brand's assembly team.

Q3. Are remote-controlled fans good?

Yes, remote control fans are good even the best choice. These fans restrict movement and give control to our fingertips. It is the best choice for old age whose movement is limited and also a very good option for a disabled or handicapped person. With the remote in your hand, you can control your fan speed from your comfort zone.

Q4. Do remote control fans need a switch?

Yes, regardless of the remote control option you need a switch for your fan. However, once you switch on the fan from the main switch you can control it from the remote to turn it on/off, adjusting speed, etc.

Q5. Which remote control fan is the cheapest in range?

The most affordable fan amongst the best 3 BLDC remote control fans is Havells Efficiencia. But if we talk about the cheapest fan in the market with remote control is the Longway Creta P1. However, the additional features of this fan are far from each other.


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