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BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan : Unveiling the Efficiency Battle 2024

BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan

Wondering why BLDC fans taking over normal fans? Ceiling fans have been a staple in households for decades providing air and relief from hotter months. Now, you can get an advanced level of comfort with the latest BLDC technology in ceiling fans.

BLDC ceiling fans in India are game changing innovations and enhanced editions of normal fans that are creating a buzz in the fan market because of their cutting-edge features and performance.

Energy efficiency, remarkable features, and excellent functioning are at the forefront when it comes to BLDC technology. These smart fans have been continuously rising since they came into the market.

Here let’s delve into the close comparison of BLDC fans vs normal fans to see are BLDC fans are really worth this hype.

Table of Content

Comparison of BLDC vs Normal Fan

1. Motor Technology


Normal Fan

BLDC fans utilise brushless DC motors that have permanent magnets and electronic commutation that need less amount of energy to operate.

Normal fans use induction or traditional motors that run on electromagnet induction and need a high amount of energy to operate.

2. Power Consumption


Normal Fan

BLDC fans are known for their energy efficiency by consuming only 28-35 watts of energy and saving huge amounts of electricity.

The Normal fans consume around 70-80 watts of energy on average as the present brushes in the induction motor create friction and take more electricity to spin the fan.

3. Silent Operation


Normal Fan

BLDC fans provide serene operation without creating unwanted noise because these fans use brushless motors that have no brushes in them.

Due to utilising a brushed induction motor and having more mechanical moving parts, normal fans produce noise during spin operation.

4. Heatless Spinning


Normal Fan

Due to the absence of friction in brushless DC motors in BLDC fans, they do not produce heat and provide smoother heatless operation in homes.

Normal fans produce heat due to the presence of brushes in their traditional induction motor as the friction creation in the motor is the only cause of heat generation.

5. Maintenance


Normal Fan

The impressive fact about BLDC fans is that they do not need frequent replacement. With advanced technology motors and steady body, BLDC fans do not wobble and are less prone to wear and tear resulting in low maintenance.

Traditional ceiling fans in India take quite consistent maintenance as they are equipped with induction brushed motors and due to friction in the brushes, wear and tear occur quickly which leads to frequent replacement of damaged parts.

6. Lifespan


Normal Fan

On the other hand, BLDC fans boast a longer lifespan due to their brushless design motor that eliminates friction and results in long lasting operation.

Generally, normal fans have a shorter lifespan because they have brushed motors that wear out over time due to friction between brushes and internal components.

7. Voltage Fluctuations


Normal Fan

BLDC fans are so adaptable to voltage fluctuations. They provide effortless performance even at low voltage without interrupting speed functioning.

Traditional fans are not compatible with voltage fluctuations, normally they slow down and stop in between when sudden drop in voltages.

8. Remote Accessibility


Normal Fan

BLDC fans offer customizable speed settings at your fingertips with IoT control including mobile app, voice, and remote, providing users a greater control over airflow.

Traditional fans are wall-regulated and typically come with fixed speed settings, which restricts the user's ability to customize the cooling experience.


In conclusion, traditional fans have been ruling in households for decades but BLDC fans have emerged as the modern alternatives to traditional fans in terms of energy saving, advanced features, and overall performance.

Although BLDC fans come at in slightly higher cost than traditional fans they are a cost-effective investment. Their long-term benefits like energy savings and durability make them a compelling choice.

In this modern era, BLDC fans are the perfect choice if someone is seeking a more advanced and eco-friendly cooling solution. Otherwise, choosing a fan completely relies on your personal preferences and requirements.


Q1. When comparing BLDC vs regular fans, which one is better?

BLDC fans are far better than normal fans because of their remarkable ability to save electricity and provide superior airflow, silent functioning, longevity, and sustainability. They help you save huge amounts on electricity bills as well as on maintenance.

Q2. What is the main difference between BLDC fans and regular fans?

The major difference between BLDC fans and normal fans is their motor technology. BLDC fans use brushless motors while regular fans use brushed induction motors. The brushless technology of BLDC fans helps to contribute to reduced energy consumption.

Q3. Are BLDC fans more durable than normal fans?

Yes, BLDC fans are more durable than normal fans due to the absence of wear-prone components of their motor. Their powerful and steady motors provide stable spinning that contributes to a longer lifespan.

Q4. Are BLDC fans stylish?

Yes, of course, BLDC fans are undoubtedly stylish. Their compact design motor and well-designed blades, add charm to any type of home’s aesthetics.

Q5. Are BLDC fans more expensive than normal fans?

Their initial cost is higher than normal fans but they can be more cost-effective in the long run due to their energy saving and low maintenance features. Also, they justify every spent cost through their exceptional functioning.

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