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Best Ceiling Fans Under 3000 in India

Updated: Jan 4

Ceiling Fans Under 3000

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Are you seeking ceiling fans under 3000  for your house? Well, we have rigorously researched the market considering the budget and found some of the top ceiling fans in India that will not only suit your house but your pocket as well.

Our diverse selection includes various models of trusted brands of ceiling fans in India. We cannot put a price on the market but our budget includes a price surely that’s why our reviews of the ceiling fans in India are under 3000.

Our Best Ceiling Fans Under 3000 in India

1. Havells Glaze Ceiling Fan

Havells Glaze Ceiling Fan

Havells is a well-known and well-established brand of the best ceiling fans in India. From traditional fans to smart fans, Havells always created a buzz in the market.

Havells Glaze model is one of the best ceiling fans in India that comes under a 3000 budget. It offers so many features which make a fan smart and worth buying. 


  • BLDC technology fan

  • Consumes only 30 watts of energy

  • Noiseless spinning

  • Remote controlled

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Air delivery of 225 CMM

  • 3 colour options

  • 2 years warranty

​Reason To Buy

Reason To Avoid

Energy efficient

Picks up speed slightly late

Sleek remote




Comes in various attractive colours


2. Crompton Energion HS Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion HS Ceiling Fan

Crompton is not a new brand to introduce it has been in the market for ages with an established reputation. This brand is known for its durability and the same is the case with its fan Crompton Energion HS which we listed in the list of best ceiling fans in India. 

They have also introduced the smart ceiling fan without really burning the hole in the pocket of a consumer. This fan is not only here because of its durability but many more significant features that make it worth discussing.


  • A BLDC technology fan

  • It Consumes only 30 watts of electricity.

  • Noiseless spinning

  • Remote controlled

  • Speed of 380 RPM

  • Air delivery of 220 CMM

  • 3 colour options

  • 5 years of warranty

​Reason To Buy

​Reason To Avoid

Energy efficient

Simple looking

Sleek remote


Quiet spinning


Comes in 3 colors options


5 years of warranty


3. Polycab Affeciente Neo Ceiling Fan

Polycab Affeciente Neo Ceiling Fan

Polycab is a brand that is well known for its wire manufacturing but also made its roots strong in the market of electrical goods. This brand is also well known and well-established for a long time and is known for its goodwill to consumers.

This brand has also introduced the smart BLDC ceiling fan in India and this model especially comes under the budget of 3000 INR with many more features that make them the smart fan of the modern era.


  • A BLDC technology fan

  • Consumes only 28 watts of electricity

  • Noiseless functioning

  • Remote control feature

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Air delivery of 210 CMM

  • 2 years warranty period

  • 2 colour options

Reason To Buy

Reason To Avoid

Energy efficient

Little noisy at high speed

Value for money


Remote controlled


Comes in 2 color options


2 years of warranty


How we screened out our best-selling ceiling fans under 3000

We have wandered not only the offline markets but also sneaked into the online stores searching for ceiling fans under 3000. We fully researched the market based on our 4 parameters which are energy efficiency, performance, additional features, and value for money.

Let's see these parameters in brief which helped us pick our best options for Ceiling Fans under 3000

Energy efficiency:

Electricity consumption is a very important parameter to look for while looking for any electrical appliances. Considering this and also the light electricity bill we have closed these metrics while choosing our best fans.

In this Polycab Affeciente has topped and secured the position in the list of most energy-efficient fans in India by consuming only 28 watts of energy which is 60-65% less than the old conventional ceiling fans.


A fan is only known to be best when it serves its sole purpose, which is to provide a breeze. Keep in mind that we have compared our fans hand to hand based on the performance. Speed and air delivery are what we take into account while judging them based on performance.

In this, we found that Crompton Energion topped the list by giving a speed of 380 RPM and air delivery of 220 CMM. 

Value for money:

Investment is only worth it when the product is valued for every single penny. We also know the importance of every single hard-earned penny and that's why we have considered this parameter while choosing the ceiling fans.

In this Havells has topped the list of cost effective fans and provides additional features like various colour options, aesthetic design, noiseless spinning, remote control fan, and best after services during the warranty period.

These all collectively make this fan worth buying and value for money.


We hope by this article we have given you the best choice of ceiling fan under 3000 with smart features and a cool breeze without burning a hole in your pocket. Through this article, we have kept each review transparent for a better version of understanding what is best for you.

We tried to narrow down your search list for your perfect choice of ceiling fan that too under your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the No. 1 ceiling fan brand in India?

Today, if we talk about the brands in ceiling fans then there are many brands present in the market that are creating hype with their products and establishing a good reputation.

However, according to the reviews, Havells is the No.1 fan brand in ceiling fans which has been ruling the market for ages.

Q2. What are the best BLDC fans under 3000?

Today the market is flooded with so many options for BLDC fans but choosing the right one can be a little tough task to do.

However, there are some trusted brands that are giving BLDC fans under 3000.

  • Havells

  • Polycab

  • Orient

Q3. Who was the first fan brand in India to introduce BLDC fans?

Superfan was the first fan brand who introduce the BLDC technology in the ceiling fan and introduced the BLDC fan in India in 2012. Here are some best examples of Superfans:

However, later many brands including trusted brands introduced BLDC fans in the market with various features and different price ranges

Q4. How is a BLDC fan energy efficient?

A BLDC fan consumes only 28-35 watts of energy whereas a normal conventional fan consumes up to 70-75 watts of energy which is 60-65% more than the BLDC fans.

Let's see a calculation here:

28x24= 672 watts 

A BLDC fan will consume 672 watts of energy if run for 24 hours.

70x24= 1680 watts

A normal fan will consume 1680 watts of energy if run for 24 hours.

Q5. How do I choose a good ceiling fan under 3000?

While choosing a ceiling fan for your home you must check the few parameters to make your choice best.

  • Energy consumption

  • Colours and designs

  • Blade sizes

  • Air delivery and speed

  • Price range

  • Warranty 

These are the metrics on which you can assess the fan and make a good choice for your home.


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