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Crompton Energion HS: A Complete Review

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Crompton Energion Complete Review

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Are you here to search for an unbiased review of the Crompton Energion HS? Then let us start off by saying that Crompton is India’s go-to ceiling fan brand. Claiming to save up to 60% of energy, Crompton Energion HS (where HS stands for high speed) has been the bestselling BLDC fan of 2023 and has gotten a lot of public attention recently. 

With an increasing awareness about sustainability and energy efficiency, BLDC fans in India have gained popularity, recently. As Crompton is one of the most renowned ceiling fan manufacturers in India, Energion HS by Crompton has been people’s choice since its launch.  

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Crompton Energion review so that you can understand why it should be the fan of this summer season! Let’s read on to know more:

An in-depth review on Crompton Energion HS: 5 best things about India’s most reliable BLDC Fan

Apart from the brand value, Crompton Energion HS is a revolutionary BLDC fan because of many of its added features. This fan offers a great combination of energy efficiency, reliable performance, and low maintenance costs which make it a perfect choice of ceiling fan for many home or office spaces. 

We compared this product with some other popular brands of BLDC fans in India and then evaluated the fan on a few parameters. 

5 prominent points about Crompton Energion that can guarantee you a reliable BLDC fan purchase

Energy Efficiency

Why would you want to buy a Crompton fan for Rs. 3000 when you can also buy it for Rs. 1500? The answer is- BLDC technology. 

Yes, through the application of BLDC technology in its BLDC product range, Crompton has assured a significant energy saving. When a regular fan takes up to 75 watts, a Crompton Energion HS fan only consumes 35 watts of energy, saving you a total of 1500 Rs. per year in your electricity bill. 

In fact, a Crompton Energion HS only takes 6 watts of energy at the minimum speed.

Because of this efficiency, you can run multiple fans on the inverter battery without worrying about the power cut.  So this is why we recommend you add a few more bucks to this fan rather than spending a lot on your electricity every month.

Speed and Air delivery

A fan’s performance is evaluated based on two factors speed and air delivery. Crompton Energion HS, being a high-speed fan, offers a great speed of 370 RPM, which is higher than many other high-speed BLDC fans.

While reviewing the volume of air it delivers, we found that Crompton Energion HS is better than many other fans as it offers an optimal level of air, thanks to its aerodynamic blades. The air delivery per cubic meter area is 220 CMM, meaning you can get a quick cooling effect in your room with this fan.

Both speed and air delivery of the fan ensure your room is comfortable and well-ventilated. This combination of high speed and maximum air delivery makes this a perfect choice for those searching for an efficient fan with great performance.

Noise and Stable Performance

Crompton fans are known for their superior quality and build-up and Crompton Energion is no different. With its sturdy design and high-graded copper winding, this fan is built to last long. Even when running at a maximum speed all day long, Energion doesn’t wobble or make any unpleasant noise.  

The flawless balancing between blades and motor ensures that the fan stays in place and operates without any issues. Not only is this fan great for keeping you cool, but it is also a great choice for ensuring that your fan will last for years without any mechanical damage. 

This is one of the most important factors for Energion’s reliability and one of the most common reviews on Crompton Energion HS. 

Remote Control

Almost all the BLDC fans come with a remote, and so does a Crompton Energion. But what makes Crompton Energion HS’s remote different from others is that it is easy to handle and offers many features. 

Here is what you can do with an Energion remote:

  • Sleep mode: The speed of the fan decreases every 2 hours

  • Set On and Off timer

  • Point from anywhere to control the fan

  • Remember the last speed option

  • One remote can control multiple fans 

Value for Money

The most important review about any product is whether it is worth your money. Crompton Energion HS may seem expensive upfront but when you compare its notable performance and services, it is actually a great deal. In fact, this fan is not as expensive as other BLDC fans.

The price range starts from around INR 3000 on Amazon. Crompton Energion gives you the maximum period of warranty coverage, which is 5 years, and this is more than any other brand. With overloading features, powerful performance, and remarkable efficiency, Energion is a value-packed investment.


Crompton Energion HS is a perfect smart ceiling fan that combines energy efficiency and functionality, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to save energy while experiencing the unaffected cooling effects of a fan. 

All the features and benefits of this fan make it an all-in-one summer solution for this season. You may also want to check the whole wide range of Crompton Energion Series that offer a more advanced and stylish range of BLDC fans such as Energion CromAir, Energion Roverr Smart, Energion Groove, etc. 

We hope with this, we have given you a complete review of Crompton Energion HS, India’s most reliable BLDC fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Crompton Energion HS BLDC fan an energy saver?

Yes. Crompton Energion BLDC fan is an energy saver. It consumes only 35 watts of energy at maximum speed whereas regular fans take up to 75 watts. That’s how it saves around 50% of the energy consumed by fans.

Q2. Does Crompton Energion make noise?

Crompton Energion makes no noise, even at maximum speed or at the lowest speed options. This is because of superior quality built-up and strong winding.

Q3. What is the speed of the Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan?

The speed of the Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan is 370 RPM.

Q4. Is Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan good for small bedrooms?

Yes. With an optimum blade length of 1200 mm, and a great air delivery of 220 mm, the Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized bedrooms. It is in fact a good choice for the living room and dining room as well as this fan delivers very good air at maximum speed.

Q5. Does the Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan come with a remote control?

Yes, the Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan comes with an easy to handle remote control.


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