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Havells Efficiencia BLDC Fan Review 2024

Updated: Jan 5

Havells Efficiencia BLDC Fan Review

Are you searching for a Havells fan for your home but still confused about which model will be the right choice for you? Then Havells Efficiencia might impress you with its cool breeze and features.

This model of Havells is one of the best BLDC fans in India which will not only be an upgraded version of ceiling fans but the coolest as well.

It is a highly valued choice that has passed all our parameters of a smart fan. The functionality of this ceiling fan is extremely effortless and smooth. The perfect-sized blades and compact-sized motor facilitate an absolute breeze in your room.

However, the flaws in this model of Havells fan are relatively few which does not affect its functionality and performance in any way.

If you are searching for a top-notch and quality ceiling fan then Havells Efficiencia is the right product for you to invest in.

Table of Content

Havells Efficiencia Neo

Havells Efficiencia Neo



Highly Energy efficient

Slightly expensive compared to others

Classy design




​Dust resistant


Why You Should Trust Us

We have spent an enormous number of hours searching for a good ceiling fan. While reviewing the number of ceiling fans and comparing all hand to hand assessing the energy efficiency, speed, noiselessness, remote control feature, and value for money.

We have assessed all the fans using these metrics and evaluated our best models and brands using these parameters.

Along with the broad criteria assessment, we have also evaluated all the details like wear and tear changes, after-warranty services aesthetic appeal, etc. However, our in-depth assessment consists of only 5 metrics.

  • Energy efficiency

  • Speed

  • Noiseless feature

  • Remote control

  • Value for money

Let us just take a look at how we assessed using these metrics

1. Energy efficiency:

The Havells efficiency fan amazes us in terms of energy consumption. This fan only consumes 26 watts of energy which is 60-70% less than our old conventional fan. This also suggests that consuming low energy will save your electricity by 1400-500 INR annually.

Havells Efficiencia is also a winner of ‘National Energy Conservation’ in 2021. The award is well won and deserving by consuming very less energy without hindering its functionality.

2. Speed:

In every fan, if the speed of the fan is not good and fails to provide the breeze to you then the fan fails its sole purpose that's why we found this parameter worth and absolute to be looked for.

Havells Efficiencia also impresses us with its speed and air delivery. This fan is revolving at the rate of 350 RPM with an air delivery of 230CMM. This fan is successful even in the scorching heat of the summer by providing a cool breezing experience.

3. Noiseless spinning:

We have all experienced once in a while that annoying noise while spinning off a fan. Whether it is a humming, creaking, or squeaking sound. But Havells Efficiencia is made while considering all these problems and introduced in the market to add a cool breeze to your calm environment without marking its presence in the room.

The noise range of this fan while spinning is very low which is unnoticeable. This fan will never annoy you while spinning and will not disturb you in your nap or meditation.

4. Remote Control:

We all have once picked a fight with our siblings on adjusting the speed or switching on or off the fan as we have to go to a wall regulator for this. But Havells Efficiencia has resolved this problem by offering the remote with its fan.

The remote gives control over a single push button that’s too over your fingertips. With the remote, you can control the speed of your fan from your comfort zone. This model is among the best remote control fans which is user-friendly and suitable for all age groups. This feature is what makes it a smart fan.

5. Value for money:

Havells Efficiencia fan offers exceptional performance with a unique feature that makes every single penny worth it. This is a solid purchase and investment for the long term which provides a decent balance of budget and features with the performance.

The additional features like warranty period, aesthetic appeal, colour options, etc make it more worthy of purchase.


We hope by this article we have offered you a ceiling fan that is not only reasonably priced but also exceptional in its functionality and features. We always try to make shopping for home appliances less painful.

We know there are a lot of options to choose from which makes the choice a little stressful but we hope through this article we have helped you choose the perfect ceiling fan for your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the models of Havells BLDC ceiling fans?

Havells has introduced many models of BLDC fans but here are some cost-effective fans that are worth trying and investing in.

  • Havells Efficiency

  • Havells Ambrose

  • Havells Bianca

  • Havells Festiva

Q2. How much is the warranty period on Havells fans?

Havells fans generally provide a 2-year warranty. However, the warranty claim is easy and the after-service is commendable and fast. Havells is a trusted brand for the ages so no need to be worried while purchasing their appliances.

Q3. What features of BLDC fans make it worth buying?

There are several features of a BLDC fan that make it worth buying.

  • Energy efficient

  • Noiseless

  • Remote control feature

  • Compact size motor

  • Aesthetic

  • Maximum speed and air delivery

  • Green and sustainable

Q4. Is Havells a Chinese brand?

No, Havells is not a Chinese brand but it is an Indian brand company mainly based in Noida. It is one of the most reputed and trusted brands in India which always worked for the goodwill of its customers.

Q5. What are some brands other than Havells that are the best to buy a ceiling fan?

Today, there are many fan brands available in the market with different price ranges and features as well. However, if we talk about trusted brands then here are some:

  • Crompton

  • Orient

  • Usha

  • Polycab

  • Bajaj


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