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Top 3 Cost Effective Fans in India 2024

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

cost effective fans in India

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Fans are an essential part of our lives. They help us beat the heat and stay cool in summer. They also provide much-needed relief from the scorching sun during the monsoon. They come in various shapes and sizes, but not all are equally durable or cost-effective. That is why we have compiled a list of cost effective fans in India that are not only affordable but also provide unmatched comfort.

Let's Take a Brief Review of the Cost Effective Fans in India

1. Orient Electric Apex

Orient Electric Apex



Easy to Install

Slightly Noisy

​Great Speed




​Value for Money


The Orient electric apex ceiling fan is a cost-effective fan powered by a high-quality copper motor. It has 5 speeds and comes with a remote control for easy operation so that you can change the speed without getting up from your seat. Just at Rs.1295, it gives tremendous results in terms of speed, durability, quality, and functionality.

If you go into the technical specifications, its speed is 360 RPM, which is close to the speed of high-speed ceiling fans. This fan is made up of high-quality materials that ensure stability and low maintenance. Though it offers so many features, it is one of the least priced and cost effective in the market.

2. Bajaj Frore

Bajaj Frore



Consumes lesser electricity

​Less variety of colors

Quick and hassle-free customer care service


Easy to install


If you are looking for a cost-effective fan under budget that will keep you cool this summer, the Bajaj Frore is a great option. This fan features three ribbed blades and a powerful motor that will move a lot of air, making it perfect for hot days and giving better stability. This variant also has a wide range of speeds so that you can adjust the airflow to your needs.

The fan's body is aerodynamically designed with a stylish metallic finish motor ring. The best thing about it is its energy efficiency, which takes only 56 watts. You are offered two colors- white and brown for this specific model, and any of these colors will go perfectly for the living room and bedrooms.

You may get it at just Rs. 1399 from Amazon, along with 2 years of product warranty.

3. Crompton Sea Sapphira

Crompton Sea Sapphira



High Speed

Wobbles during spinning



Stability and sturdiness


This summer, enjoy a cool and breezy atmosphere at home with Crompton Sea Sapphira. It justifies its name as an Economy high-speed ceiling fan by offering 380 rotations per minute (RPM). The elegant look yet cost effective makes it one of the best picks for hot weather.

This high-performance fan comes with powder-coated blades for corrosion resistance and enhanced appearance. The dynamically balanced blades deliver pleasingly perfect air circulation in every corner of the room. Its motor is powerful and based on 100% copper, ensuring stability, durability, and silent operation.

We recommend it to be used in kids' rooms, office rooms, and living rooms for its maximum airflow and optimal blade size. It's available in 3 attractive colors, and the price starts at Rs. 1399 on Amazon.  

How we screened out the best 3 budget friendly fans in India

We reviewed the affordable and cost-effective fans without compromising their functionality. We started our search by surfing the online market to wander the local shops. We carefully selected the top products and reviewed not only the pros but highlighted the cons also.

Our In-depth review consists of these metrics:

Energy Efficiency

Electricity consumption in any electrical appliance is worth addressing and being concerned with.  In this parameter, Bajaj Frore ranked first by performing well as it only consumes 56 watts which is 40% less than the other 2 fans discussed here.

If you want to cut your electricity bill then, this fan is the perfect choice for you.


Speed is what defines a good fan. Air delivery plays an equally crucial role as speed in a fan. Crompton Sea Sapphirs ranked first in this segment by delivering 210 cmm of air at 400 RPM.

Value for Money

Like any other electric appliance, fans can also be an expensive deal. But luckily these fans here come at relatively affordable prices. We didn’t only focus on cost effective but their functionalities along with several added features like color options, noiseless spinning, low maintenance, etc. 

These fans are worth spending every single penny on. If we talk about overall ranking, then Crompton Sapphire has scored the highest.


We know the ceiling fan market is flooded with different types of fans in various price ranges but we present you the best 3 cost effective fans under budget on the basis of an unbiased review. If you want to buy a new fan this summer to beat the heat yet stay cool on your budget then this article is for you! We hope this will help you in choosing the best option for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are low cost fans any good?

Not all low-cost fans are worth it. At the upfront, they may cost you less but with time, you may have to pay for their maintenance and repair. But at the same time, there are some inexpensive and cost effective fans that work reasonably well.

Q2. Which is the best low cost fan in India?

It’s difficult to pick only one as there are many cost effective fans who are great in all aspects. They are cheaper in price but give tremendous power in terms of RPM, and stability and come with many advanced features as well. Some of them are Orient Electric Apex, Crompton Sea Sapphira, Havells Ambrose, etc. [/faq-item]

Q3. How can you tell if a fan is good?

Here are some of the features of a good fan:

  • A good fan has higher speed in terms of RPM

  • Should be made up of good-quality winding

  • Should have double ball bearing

  • A powerful motor compatible for high high-torque

  • Blades should be designed in a way to delivers optimum air

  • Should be inverter-friendly

  • Should have an appealing design

  • Should not make noise

  • Should be cost-effective

Q4. How much should I spend on a ceiling fan?

How much you should spend on a ceiling fan depends upon your budget and the features of fan you are looking for such as speed, air delivery, and design. There are many fans that come under 2500/- and are perfect in every sense. You may have a look at the list of the best ceiling fans under 2500/- for small bedrooms.

Q5. Are expensive fans better than low-cost fans?

Not always. We need to look for a number of things when comparing ceiling fans and budget is one of them. 

With higher costs, the fans do provide some extra benefits. For example, Havells Stealth Air ceiling fan comes at the cost of Rs. 6399/-, which is costlier than many other variants of this same brand. But when we look at the fan’s features such as its unique appearance, color, motor power, and speed, it’s worth it. At the same time, Havell’s Ambrose gives great speed and stability at the range of just Rs. 2099.

In addition, BLDC fans may seem more expensive while purchasing but in the long run, they are actually money savers because of their tremendous energy efficiency. 

There are many budget friendly and cost effective fans that work reasonably well when compared to expensive ones. But if you are specific about your requirements and choices, you may go for a detailed comparison and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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