Privacy Policy

What kind of data do we gather?

When you post comments or respond to a survey, we gather information. If you don't want to share your personal information with us, you can access our website anonymously.

Google, or any other internet browser you use, is a third-party browser that displays you relevant products that we have no affiliation with. It does this by using cookies from your search.

You can even choose not to accept cookies by going to your web browser's settings.

Why do we utilise the data you provided?

Some of your personal data is used by us to
    -    Create and personalise your experience.
    -    Adapt our website to your needs and make it better.
    -    To offer you better service

Your information is safe with us

    -    Your personal information is treated with the same care as our own, and it is protected using a variety of security procedures for confidentiality.
    -    No one outside of your organisation can view or access the information you supply because it is End to End encrypted.
    -    We do not sell or otherwise transfer your information to third parties, and we only use it to improve your interaction with us.
    -    We can promise you that we only utilise the information you give us to improve your search and get you the best items possible.

Yes, we use Cookies

Just like other websites, we use cookies to personalise your visit and provide you with the data you need. In order to present you with relevant information and individualised recommendations, we may gather information about your location, searches, and IP address.

You have the option of accepting or rejecting the cookies in the pop-up window, and we will continue to serve you regardless of your decision. You can still browse our website without accepting cookies.