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Write For us

Toppickss is the best platform that provides deep insights into technological advancement related to electrical appliances. Do you want to share your knowledge through writing? Contributing to Toppickss can provide you with a fantastic platform to portray your skills and abilities while developing your writing career.

We would love to feature your knowledge through our website. Kindly, take a moment and read this entire page to understand the guidelines, our submission process, and the type of content we are looking for. 

Why write for Us

  • Show your expertise and skills, and share your best technical knowledge with the audience. who are passionate about technology.

  • Boost your visibility and get your content noticed by our readers.

  • Join a community of like-minded people w

What we look for

Your guest post should be comprehensive, based on data, valuable, informative, and educational. Make your contribution to increase the chances of being published on our blog. 

  • The content you are providing should be well-researched and have relevance with practical advice. 

  • Share your ideas on the latest technical trends, tips, and problem-solving solutions through writing.

  • The article must have at least 1000 words or more. It should be 100% original and not published elsewhere.  

  • Include subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to enhance the readability of your article. 

  • Use relevant images and examples to support your point in the content. Instead of using copyright photos, utilize Toppickss to illustrate data, processes, information, and concepts.

Content We Address

We focus on providing the most-up-to date information on technology. The content should be relevant to home appliances, kitchen appliances, home decor, and electronic appliances. We promise to provide quality content, informative, and provide solutions to the customers.  they, and consist of quality content. 

We suggest that to learn our writing tone, content layouts, and language, you can review our previous posts and blogs. 

Presentation Criteria

  • The content quality requirements set by toppickss should be met by the submissions. If submissions do not adhere to the guidelines, editors have the right to reject and make minor edits to your articles. 

  • Your article should be valuable for our readers and must have at least 1000 or more words.  

  • If your article or blog, once published on our website, is not allowed to be posted anywhere even including on your own blog. 

  • Your article can contain one self-serving link within the body of the article or in the author bio. You can also add relevant links to toppickss article to your article but only 5 links can work in one article. 

  • External links ought to be important for our website. But linking to adult sites, dating sites, SEO agencies, etc are not allowed. 

  • Include relevant images and videos, ensuring no copyright violation.

Consider some points when writing for us

  • We have guest posts to give the readers and businesses an opportunity to grow their brands. That’s why we prefer working with real people, not SEO agencies. Before sending your content, take a moment to get to know us better. You can also go through our social media platform to boost your chances of getting published. 

  • On a monthly basis, we submit 50-100 blogs. So, avoid sending emails to inquire whether your article has been published or not. If we shortlist your article, you will undoubtedly hear from us.


If your article has all the things we recommended and best fit for our website then we will contact you and discuss further steps to publish the article. 

Thank you for choosing us as the best platform to share your technological knowledge. We are eager to get amazing contributions from you through great articles.

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