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Atomberg Renesa Fan: A Complete Review 2024

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Atomberg Renesa Fan Review

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All you need to know about India’s bestselling BLDC Ceiling fan

What qualities do you look for in an ideal home appliance- energy efficiency, durability, quality, price, and style; isn't it? With almost all these features intact, Atomberg Renesa has been creating a buzz in the ceiling fan market lately.

Atomberg has been in India's market for a long time, and it is one of the country's best-selling BLDC ceiling fan brands, ticking almost all of these features we just mentioned above.

However, out of all its models, Renesa has been on a sudden rise in the market after many buyers have started opting for it because of its unique looks and tremendous energy-saving capacity. Of course, there are many more features and this Atomberg fan review will help you decide whether its worth purchasing or not.

Evaluation Report for Atomberg Renesa

The Atomberg Renesa is a ceiling fan with a difference. It is designed to be more efficient than traditional ceiling fans, and it comes with several features that make it a popular choice for many Indian homes.

We took some of the basic parameters of an ideal ceiling fan into consideration and compared Atomberg Renesa's performance on each of them with a few other bestselling ceiling fans on the market. We have then evaluated these metrics and rated them out of 5 and given an overall score of 100% to see exactly up to what extent this model is benefitting customers.

To gain a deeper understanding and an insight into the comparison with some other most popular fan models, you may want to take a look at our other write-up on the Best BLDC Ceiling fans in India.

Atomberg Renesa

Atomberg Renesa



Energy Efficiency

May get clicking Noise at maximum speed

Inverter Friendly

​Customer care service may sometimes be a hassle

High Speed

Unique Design

​Variety of colour and design options

Light weight

With an overall score of 81%, Renesa is undoubtedly chart-topping when ceiling fans are compared, and one of the best BLDC fans to date in the Indian market.

5 Things That Make Atomberg Renesa Standout

Renesa has been the best-selling BLDC ceiling fan in India since its launch. Out of many, here are the 5 unique features that make it sellable in the most competing industry of ceiling fans:

Energy Efficiency

An Atomberg ceiling fan can help you to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%. Do you know how? It's all because of the BLDC technology. Atomberg is among the few fan brands that applied and introduced this sustainable, energy-efficient, advanced BLDC motor technology in ceiling fans. This causes the fans to take up an insignificant amount of electricity, even when they are run for a long time at maximum speed.


The most notable feature of the Atomberg Renesa is its energy efficiency, as it takes only 28 watts (whereas regular fans take at least 78 watts) at the highest speed. You will be amazed to know that it only takes 6 watts of electricity at the lowest speed, which is less than what a small LED light consumes.


For this reason, this fan comes with a five-star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, just like all other BLDC fans. It is therefore an ideal choice for those who want to save on their monthly electricity bills.

Smart Remote

If you want an uninterrupted nap in the summer afternoons or binge-watch your favorite series without getting up from bed, then here is the solution for you. With a Renesa fan, you won't even need to get up from your place even when you want to switch it on or off or change its speed. With this more ingenious technology, get a luxurious and windy experience at home.

You can set a timer and change to boost mode when and where needed. 

Another upgraded version of this model- Atomberg Renesa Smart Plus, has come up with an enabled remote. When Atomberg Renesa vs. Atomberg Renesa Smart Plus is compared, the former is a step ahead with its voice assistance as well as app-based remote control functionality.

Speed and Adequate Air Delivery

This fan is also a popular choice because of its tremendous speed and air delivery. With a powerful motor that can spin at 360 RPM and a longer span of blades, which increases airflow, Atomberg Renesa tops of the list of high-speed ceiling fans in India. 


The fan is made from high-quality materials, and it is designed to last for many years. This makes it a good investment for those who want a ceiling fan that will last many years.


Do you know what makes the fans prone to damage? - It's the generation of heat due to friction in their motors. The most prominent reason for that humming noise in fans is also the same- the carbon brushes. Because of this reason, fans like Atomberg Renesa are reliable, noiseless, and durable. But in the case of BLDC fans, you will hardly have to repair or replace them because they don't have carbon brushes to heat up the motor.


The fans are also designed to run longer on inverter backup. The high-grade materials used in the motor ensure its quality and longevity. Unlike normal fans, these fans don't wobble.

Another factor that is worth talking about in this atomberg renesa review is that these fans can run smoothly at a wide range of voltage. So, even if you install these smart fans in a remote area with a fluctuating voltage supply, be assured that your breezy experience won't get hampered.

Design and looks

If you want your appliances to be durable and beautiful at the same time, then Atomberg's Renesa is the top scorer. It has, in fact, introduced the small-motor theme with built-in LED lights indicating the speed for the first time in the market. It has an appealing look that makes it a perfect fit for your contemporary home.

If you are looking for a smart way of renovation, we suggest installing it in your living room, office room, and even in kids room.


Atomberg Renesa has been increasingly gaining popularity for many reasons. It is not just promoting sustainability through its ultimate energy efficiency but has given Indian modern homes an aesthetic feel. With efficient motors, great designs, and a wide range of features, Renesa has become one of the most sought-after ceiling fans in the country.

We hope this complete review of Atomberg Renesa has provided all the information that you were looking for, and cleared your doubts before you make the payment.  

If you are looking to upgrade your space, then Atomberg’s Renesa could be the best pick for a perfect cooling solution this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the dimensions of the Atomberg Renesa?

Atomberg Renesa comes with a blade sweep size of 1200 cm, which is the standard size for Indian residences. The downrod height is 30.48 cm.

Q2. What is the warranty period for the Atomberg Renesa?

The Atomberg Renesa comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 1-year extendable warranty.

Q3. How much does Atomberg Renesa cost?

The Atomberg Renesa is priced at Rs. 3,490 

Q4. Where can I buy the Atomberg Renesa?

The Atomberg Renesa is available online and in electronic stores.


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