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Bi-Directional or Reversible Ceiling Fans In India

Updated: Jan 4

Bi-Directional or Reversible Ceiling Fans In India

Ceiling fans are always seen as convenient and versatile appliances which can be found in every household. Whenever we speak of the summer season, we can always relate it to some of our fond and strange memories attached to a ceiling fan. Whether it's the weird sound or the wobbling nature or the traditional design which you might see in your grandparent's house during summer breaks.

However, the ceiling fans could be helpful in the winter season too and can provide you with a cosy warm and comfortable area. But how? The reversible and bi-directional ceiling fans are the one which can be compatible with both seasons. 

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What is a Bi-Directional or Reversible Ceiling Fan?

Bi-directional ceiling fans are fans which can spin in an anticlockwise direction like our normal ceiling fans as well as in a clockwise direction. 

What is Clockwise and Anticlockwise Direction Spinning?

When you power on your fan switch simply stand under your ceiling fans, and you can either wear an analogue watch or face your ceiling clock you will notice that your fan is moving in the opposite direction as your clock which is known as anticlockwise direction. 

While the clockwise direction refers to the moving of your ceiling fan in the direction of your clock. 

What is the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise or bi-directional ceiling fans?

Anticlockwise Fans

The normal ceiling fan operates in the anticlockwise direction. This helps in pushing the air upward from the downwards. The high speed of the fan facilitates evaporation and perspiration which gives the chilling effect. 


  • Gives a cooling effect in warm weather or in summer.

  • It provides you with the proper ventilation

  • Promotes better air circulation

  • It helps in reducing the sole dependency on the AC.

Clockwise Fans

The clockwise operating fans are best suited for the winter season. This fan helps in the redistribution of heat in the room. This facilitates pushing the hot air downwards and the cool air upwards. The heating system can work more efficiently with the clockwise functionality of the fan. 


  • Helps in keeping the room warm and comfortable

  • Reduce the humidity

  • Better air circulation

  • Better ventilation

  • Improved efficiency of heating appliance

Let us See a Quick Review

​Anti-Clock Wise


Suitable for summer

Suitable for winters

Operates in left to right direction

Operates in right to left direction

Pushes air downward and creates a cooling effect

Upward movement of air takes place

Cools you down

Distribute the air and keep the room warm with the heating appliance and comfortable

Let us Review a Bi-directional Fan of India

Usha is one of the known and reputed brands of electrical goods and appliances. Whether it is a sewing machine of Usha or any electrical appliance, it is always known for its durability and excellent functionality. Usha has introduced its new model in the ceiling fan i.e. Heleous which is a new sensation in the fan market. 


  • Consumes 43 watts of energy.

  • Available in 5 colour options

  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Air delivery of 260m3/min

  • Airflow of 9180 cfm

  • Speed of 310 RPM

  • Remote controlled

  • Silent operating fan

  • Blade size of 1220mm

  • Bi-directional operates in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction.

  • 3 breeze modes- natural, sleep and normal

  • 2 years warranty  

Usha Heleous is among the best BLDC ceiling fans, revolutionizing the market with its bidirectional feature. It is not only convenient in the summer season but also comforts you in the winter season. Apart from this feature, the ceiling fan is great in terms of overall functionality. 

Things you must consider while buying a fan

  • While buying a fan you should always check for its energy consumption. It will help you save on your electricity bills in the long term.

  • Look for the colour options and their aesthetic appeal to compliment your house interior.

  • Check whether your fan is BI-directional and can comfort you in both the season summers and winters.

  • Check for the Air delivery and the speed of your fan

  • Check for the control type whether it is remote-controlled or regulator-controlled

  • Check for the noise level of the fan and whether it is a silent operating fan or not

  • Check for the blade size of the fan and choose according to your home space

  • Check for its warranty period and after service

Tips for installing your ceiling fan

  • Read the instruction manual carefully that comes with your ceiling fan.

  • Turn off the power button

  • Follow the instructions prepare the mounting bracket and ensure the bracket is stable.

  • Assemble the components of the fan

  • Connect the wirings and sure it is correctly wired

  • Secure the ceiling with the mounting bracket and make sure it is stable and does not wobble.

  • Attach the fan blades to the motor and make sure it is tightened evenly 

  • Test your ceiling fan

  • Follow the instructions and pair your remote if applicable


The ceiling fans are versatile and with unique and smart features now fans are coming up with the bi-directional concept which is convenient not only in summer but also in the winter season. We hope this comprehensive article helps give you all the information about bi-directional fans and helps you purchase the perfect ceiling fan for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are bi-directional rotation fans?

Bi-directional rotation fans can operate in anticlockwise and clockwise directions. They can be well suited for summer as well as winter.

Q2. What is the benefit of reversing the fan direction?

When the fan rotates in the clockwise direction or reverse direction in winter it pushes the warm air down and pulls the cool air upwards. It increases the efficiency of the heating machine and makes your space comfortable.

Q3. Do all ceiling fans change the direction of rotation?

No, not all the fans change the direction of the rotation. Generally, the fans rotate in the anticlockwise direction only but some of the fans are bi-directional or reversible fans which can rotate in both anticlockwise as well as clockwise directions.  


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