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Superfan A1 Series Fan Review 2024

Updated: Jan 5

Superfan A1 Series Fan Review

Looking for extra colours for your ceilings? Then why not fill it with colourful ceiling fans? Whether you need it for your living room or bedroom, the superfan brand has options for every area of your house.

We have covered the whole market to find unique and bright colours fans for our bright colours-loving consumers who are bored with the old age boring colours of ceiling fans. In our search, we found that for our colourful consumers, the Superfan brand has taken a step ahead by introducing the Superfan A1 series fan.

While giving you the best and most livable colour options this article on superfans A1 series review also covers their quality and features. A1 series is a BLDC technology fan offering so many features like stylish design, remote control, energy efficiency and much more.

To understand it completely let's see the A1 series superfans review in detail and uncover it fold by fold to know if this is worth your home space or not.

Table of Content

Why you should Trust us

We researched from online markets to offline stores for your home before picking the radiating ceiling fans. For unbiased and non-partial reviews we always dive deep and come out with the best possible options. Once we find our bests we compare their hand-to-hand based on our metrics to choose the top pick. 

Our parameters metrics for choosing the best are :

  • Energy efficiency

  • Speed

  • Radiant colours options

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Remote control

  • Value for money

Let's discuss how we used these metrics in the Superfan A1 Series Review

1. Energy efficiency

The most important aspect of a ceiling fan is its energy consumption. This is the parameter which can affect your pocket regularly if not chosen wisely. However, The Superfan A1 series fans are one of the best BLDC fans in India and hence consume only 35 watts of energy. If we compare it with the old conventional fans then these fans are spinning nearly at 60% less energy. 


Consumption of less energy also cuts your electricity bill and can save up to 1500-1600 INR annually. In other words, these fans are self-paying their cost by saving on your electricity bills in the long term.

2. Speed

While buying a music system we always check for its sound as it is its primary feature to serve likewise if the speed of a fan is not up to the mark then other unique and commendable features are of no use.

The superfan A1 series also breezes with a maximum speed of 350 RPM with a maximum air delivery of 230 CMM. So these fans have the capability of effortless breeze to beat the heat in summer.

3. Radiant colour options and aesthetic appeal

The most appealing factor which makes this fan worthy is its radiant and metallic colour options. Superfan A1 series has 9 colour options in this model and each colour is charming and can add lively colour to your house interior.

This fan has not only colours that make it aesthetic but also the petal-shaped blade makes it more appealing. It has various options for every type of room and can be contrasted with the various paint colours of your room or home spaces.

4. Remote Controlled

Superfan A1 series fans have considered the comfort of their consumers and hence they have introduced remote controlled fans. It means no more dependence on the wall regulators to control the speed of your fan. Instead, you can just control the speed with the push button.

Whether it's an old person or a child, this age-friendly remote gives the liberty of control at the fingertips of every age group. 

5. Value for money

Superfan A1 series fan is the deal of what you pay you to get. This fan comes with a range of features like energy efficiency, speed, air delivery, colour options, aesthetic appeal, noiseless and remote control features etc. Considering all this we have found this product an absolute steal and value for every penny.


We hope you have found this article on the superfan A1 series review useful. In this world of advanced gadgets, this BLDC Superfan A1 series is what fulfils all the demands of the modern generation. We hope this article helped you shortlist your fan options for your home and also helped you find the right choice for your beautiful home.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which brand introduced Superfans?

Superfans is the brand itself that first introduced BLDC fans in India In 2012.

Q2. Who is the founder of Superfan?

Mayur is the founder and the CEO of the Superfan fan brands. He is a PhD in physics from the University of Ohio. Her brand is known for introducing the first BLDC fans in India.

Q3. What is the best fan brand in India?

Today many brands have introduced BLDC fans in the market but in my opinion here are some of the best brands

  • Superfan

  • Havells

  • Crompton

  • Atomberg

Q4. What are the advantages of BLDC fans?

  • There are many advantages for BLDC fans.

  • Energy efficient

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • High speed

  • Inverter friendly

  • Wide range of voltage functionality

  • Noiseless

  • Remote control

  • Green and sustainable

Q5. What is the price of the Superfan A1 series?

Superfan A1 series fan price ranges from 4000 INR to 4500 INR depending upon the colour options you choose. If you go for white it will cost you only 4000 INR whereas the violet colour fan can be 4400 INR.


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