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Benefits of BLDC Ceiling Fans: Detailed Information

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Benefits of BLDC Ceiling Fans

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Are you deciding to buy a BLDC fan for your home but are a bit confused about whether to invest in this new technology fan or not? Then we are here to clear all your confusion as we are going to discuss the amazing benefits of BLDC fans in this article.

The ceiling fans are the most underrated electrical appliances that are used in homes and offices but they consume more energy than the refrigerator or other high voltage appliances. 

The fan industries introduced an ultra-smart technology in ceiling fans that is BLDC. BLDC ceiling fans in India bring change into the world with their energy efficiency and green approach.

A ceiling fan makes a huge impact on your living style. Why don’t you elevate your daily life with this advanced technology fan?  There are not one, not two but many benefits of using a BLDC ceiling fan in your home, let’s take a brief on them. 

8 Benefits of BLDC Fans For Your Home

1. Energy Saving

Energy saving is the primary purpose of BLDC technology. The BLDC fans consume less energy than the normal fans. These fans save up to 65% of energy by consuming only 28-35 watts and help to reduce electricity bills. 

2. Quieter operation

The most commendable benefit of the BLDC fan is that they are quiet while spinning and do not disturb us whether we are having a meeting or taking a peaceful nap. 

3. Stylish and Elegant Appeal

The most impressive thing about these BLDC ceiling fans is that they come with so many colour options and stylish designs. In today’s time, people are very concerned about their home decor, and these fans are absolutely made for giving classic appeal to your home.

4. Better for the Environment

By using BLDC ceiling fans you can contribute to the environment because BLDC fans are eco-friendly as they do not leave carbon emissions. 

5. Better Airflow

Cooling air is a must in hot weather and the BLDC ceiling fan is the best choice when it comes to getting a cool breeze. BLDC fans come with fine blades and provide an evenly distributed airflow all over the room.

6. Better Lighting

BLDC ceiling fans bring additional lighting to your home. BLDC fan comes with LED lighting under the fan that elevates the home decor. The fan’s LED light can be used as a night bulb and dim lights. 

7. Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is quite a great benefit of a BLDC fan. They require less maintenance as the BLDC fans work on DC brushless motors which do not generate heat and reduce the chances of mechanical damage. Also, they do not wobble and do not leave spark issues.  

8. Remote Accessibility

Isn’t it interesting that a ceiling fan can be controlled by your fingertips? Yes, it is true, a BLDC ceiling fan has a remote facility that allows you to operate a fan. 

These remote control fans make our lives easier as we do not need to bother to go to the wall regulator to change the speed because a fan’s speed, timer mode, and turn on/off can be set by a remote. 


These smart fans are the ones that everyone is seeking for their day-to-day comfort. There are many benefits of using BLDC ceiling fans that we have discussed above. 

BLDC fans are far better than normal fans as they save your money by reducing electricity bills, are green to the environment, and many more. When comparing BLDC vs normal fans, BLDC fans are the best fit in today’s time, so choose wisely what is right for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the drawbacks of BLDC ceiling fans?

Everything has its pros and cons, and so does a BLDC fan. A major disadvantage of BLDC fans is that they are pricier than regular fans but the cost justifies their performance. They are a bit expensive but save money by consuming less electricity in the long term.

The other disadvantages are:

  • Complex wiring, difficulty in installation

  • Scarcity of experienced electricians

  • Low availability in local markets

  • Add extra cost on remote batteries

Q2. Do the BLDC fans overheat?

No, BLDC fans do not overheat because they run on a DC motor which is brushless and does not create friction during the spin overheat.

Q3. Are all the BLDC concerned about energy saving?

Yes, energy saving is the most important purpose of all BLDC fans. As compared to a normal fan, a BLDC fan saves up to 65% of energy. 


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