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Which is the 1st BLDC Fan in India?

Updated: Jan 4

Which is the 1st BLDC Fan in India?

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The market is packed with BLDC ceiling fans today. There are so many existing brands and new brands that introduced BLDC fans in India. But have you ever wondered which is the first BLDC fan in India? Or which brand first introduced the BLDC technique in the ceiling fan?

So, the first brand that introduced the first BLDC fan in India was Superfans, introduced in the market on 12.12.2012. This changed the whole fan market as the superfan was India's most energy-efficient fan, consuming only 35 watts of electricity. In contrast, ordinary fans consume up to 75 watts of energy. 

BLDC Ceiling fan in India has moved the fan market not only with its energy efficiency but with its unique and innovative features too. The unique features are remotely controlled, speed and air delivery, noiselessness, durability, green and sustainability, etc. These features made this fan stand out in the whole market, which created a buzz and revolutionized the fan industry.

What is a BLDC motor/ BLDC ceiling fan?

BLDC refers to the brushless direct current, which mainly works on the DC source. BLDC motors came into existence in the 1960s and were discovered by T.G Wilson and P.H Tricky.

Earlier, the BLDC motor was only seen for industrial use in hefty types of machinery, as this is an energy-efficient motor and saves energy and the cost of electricity compared to the regular or induction motors.

However, as time passed, BLDC motors were introduced in several major household appliances for energy efficiency and other advantages, like wide voltage area functionality and inverter compatibility. 

Superfan features and specifications


  • Power consumption of 35 watts

  • The speed of the superfan is 350 RPM

  • Air delivery of 260 CMM

  • Remote controlled

  • Various color and design options

  • A warranty period of 5 years

  • Green and sustainable

  • Noiseless

  • Wide voltage area compatibility

  • Inverter friendly

Various models of superfans

  • Super Q series ceiling fans

  • Super A1 Ceiling fans

  • Super XI Ceiling fans

  • Super VI Ceiling fans

  • Super XI Unyc Ceiling fans

  • Super XI Deco Ceiling fans

  • Super prime Ceiling fans

  • Super J1 Ceiling fans

Various awards won by the Superfans


Appliance of the year

This Appliance of the Year award was won in 2020 by NECA under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Global LEAP Award

This award of Golden Leap Award is won in the year 2016-2017 in the small fan category.

​India Design Mark Award

​This award of India Design Award is won in the year 2018 by the model Super XI ceiling fan.

CII National Award

This award of CII National Award in Energy Management is won in the prestigious most innovative energy-saving product category.

Time India Award

This award of CII National Award in Energy Management is won in the prestigious most innovative energy-saving product category.

Dupont Global Sustainability Award

​This award of Dupont Global Sustainability ward is won in the year 2015.

​International Design Awards

​This International Design Award was won in the sustainable living and environmental presentation category.

​Appliance Design EID Excellence in Design

This award of Appliance Design, EID Excellence in Design, was won in 2014 in the category of small appliances.


Energy saving is a significant concern today, and Superfans have contributed significantly to energy saving by introducing the first BLDC ceiling fan in India. Fans are the most used Appliance in every household, and energy-efficient fans are a boon in energy saving. We hope this article has given you all the information about India's first BLDC fan of India.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is the CEO of the superfans?

Mayur is the CEO as well as the founder of the Superfans. He founded the Superfans in the year 2012.

Q2. What are some other examples of BLDC fans in India?

Some other examples of BLDC ceiling fan brands are

  • Crompton

  • Havells

  • Atomberg

  • Orient

  • Bajaj

Q3. What are the Advantages of BLDC motor fans?

  • Energy efficient

  • Wide voltage compatibility

  • Various colors and designs

  • Green and sustainable

  • Inverter friendly

  • Remote controlled

  • Noiseless


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