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Why BEE 5-Star Rated Fans Are Needed 2024

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Why BEE 5-Star Rated Fans Are Needed

Today energy efficiency has become a very crucial and needed aspect. Everyone is giving contributions in one way or another to conserve energy. This seems to be a challenging task to do but in actuality, it’s not. We all can save energy without putting in any extra effort like just switching to the BLDC ceiling fans.

BLDC fan manufacturers are contributing to making the task of energy efficiency easy for everyone. By just replacing your old traditional fans with the BLDC fans you can save up to 70% of energy. The normal fans consume 70-80 watts of energy whereas the BLDC Ceiling fans can spin only 26-35 watts of energy.

For Example

Energy consumed by a normal fan in one hour- 80 watts

Energy consumed by a BLDC fan in one hour- 28 watts 

Let’s Assume 

For every 5 watts of energy, there is a 1 rs of charge


BLDC Fan =       28/5x1= 5.6 rs 

Normal Fan =     80/5x1= 16 rs

So you can save up to 10.4 INR every hour which means savings of 60-70% of your electricity bill.

The top brands of BLDC fans even offer as low as 24 watts of energy consumption only such as Havells Efficiencia. This fan also won the “Award for energy conservation”. 

What does the BEE star rate mean?

BEE refers to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency ratings refer to the ratings which indicate the rating of consumption of energy by your appliance. If it is 5-star rated then it means it is the most energy-efficient and money-saving appliance.

What are the advantages of 5-star rated ceiling fans?

  • They save the energy

  • They save the electricity bill

  • They come with unique and aesthetic designs

  • They have high speed and maximum air delivery

  • They are durable

  • They are a green and sustainable option

  • They are noiseless

  • They are remotely controlled

  • High speed and maximum airflow

BLDC refers to the brushless direct current which mainly works on the DC source of the current. Today many brands of BLDC fans are there in the market selling these fans and here are some of the top brands of BLDC fans. 

  • Havells

  • Atomberg

  • Crompton

  • Orient

  • Polycab

Fans are the basic necessity of every household and are the most running and energy-consuming appliances. BLDC Ceiling fans in India are making it possible to save energy as well as electricity bill amount without switching off the fan.


We hope by this article we have delivered the best knowledge about BEE 5 Star rates fans and why switching to BLDC fans is needed. You can now shortlist your fan options that can save the maximum energy and money.


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